Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of the Belconnen Soccer Club will be held on Sunday 29th November 2020, commencing at 10am in the Club’s McKellar premises, cnr William Slim and Owen Dixon Drive.

The business of the meeting will be:

  1. To confirm the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting.
  2. The consideration of the annual financial reports, Directors’ reports and Auditor’s report.
  3. The election of Directors.
  4. The appointment of an Auditor.
  5. The fixing of the Auditor’s remuneration.
  6. Any other business.



  1. Proxy votes
  • Each member has the right to appoint a proxy.
  • The proxy need not be a member, however, if not a member the proxy must vote in accordance with the member’s instructions.
  • Completed Proxy forms must be received at the registered office (McKellar Club) at least 48 hours prior to the AGM.


  1. Any other business may be brought before the meeting in accordance with the Club’s constitution, provided that notices of motions are given in writing to the Chief Operation Officer at the Club’s McKellar premises at least fourteen (14) clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


  1. Nominations are invited from members of the Club to fill both General Member and Social Member positions on the Board of Directors. Nomination forms will be available at each Club’s reception from 30th October 2020.  Persons wishing to nominate are invited to submit a digital photograph and a maximum of 50 words in support of their nomination.  This material will be displayed on the Club’s notice boards.  Nominations must be lodged with the Club’s Chief Executive Officer no later than 10am on Wednesday 11th November 2020 at the Club’s McKellar premises.

Geoff Long